The Christ School After Care program provides planned activities in a secure, loving environment where children feel special, safe, and look forward to participating. Activities include homework, indoor and outdoor recreation, small group activities, technology, and special events.


Students have the opportunity to grow their friendships across grade levels, learn how to be a member of a community, and love others as Christ loves us.

Homework Buddies

A daily, age appropriate block of time is dedicated to homework. The schedule encourages students to be proactive with their assignments and our families value the extra family time that results at home in the evenings.


God is not only in the sanctuary, He is in the classrooms, in the gym, on the green space, in After Care – He is everywhere. The After Care program partners with the classroom teachers and families to support Christian learning and strives to help students grow in their relationships with their Heavenly Father.


In After Care, we play! After Care offers students the opportunity to learn through free-time play, organized games and team activities. Students have fun while discovering important lessons on winning and losing, sharing and treating each other in a Christ-like manner.

Many Children = Many Gifts.

The After Care schedule allows students the freedom to embrace their God-given gifts and express these gifts through a wide selection of pursuits including art, play, teamwork, leadership, service, etc. We value the gifts of each child and are thankful to partner with our families as we help grow the next generation of Christian leaders.


Extended Care Contract 15-16