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A Message from the Garris Family

Humbled and grateful. These are two words that fall woefully short of expressing my thanks for The Christ School family we are privileged to call friends.  Your generosity, prayers, and donations of precious stuffed animals have far surpassed our goals and dreams of serving the Singita Village School in South Africa.  Your generous donations helped us reach our goal and we will be building a gate, planting trees, and purchasing cots for these sweet children.  We also have a little left over to be able to give a cash donation so they can purchase books they need.  And the stuffed animals?  Wow – what a gift!  We have suitcases full of wonderful stuffed animals that will bring joy to so many.  And the amazing thing is, the company that we work with has worked with the airlines to allow us to bring extra suitcases to bring all the animals to the children.  Every child will get at least 2 stuffed animals, and we will give them with love on your behalf.  We leave July 4th and ask that you keep us in prayer.  We look forward to coming back in the fall to share pictures and stories of the children you help so much. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Stephanie and Joel Garris, Nelson, Ethan and Connor