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Class Trips

In the middle grades, class trips are curricular extensions, educational & fun in nature. Examples including:

6th grade – Retreat

Our students learn to serve each other and build unity as a class. Sometimes those that are the closest to us are the most difficult to serve, yet serving those we love is just as important as serving those we don’t know. The activities focus on: community building, communication skills, team building and cooperation. These activities involve teaching awareness to the environment which is integrated with our social science curriculum. Evening activities are designed to review and reinforce concepts developed during the day.

7th grade – Regional Serving Experiences

Our students travel outside of our state boundaries to provide service to those in need. The trip gives them the experience of a mission trip, while serving within our own country. It is a perfect precursor to our work in the Dominican Republic in eighth grade. We partner with Christ-centered, quality organizations in order to accomplish this endeavor.

8th grade – Mission Emanuel

Our students serve in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This trip is a capstone experience for our graduating 8th grade students. This trip provides them with an experience unlike any other they may have had at this age. This unique experience is one in which many lessons are learned as the students work together to serve an underprivileged nation. The experience strengthens our students’ focus of being others-oriented and deepens their understanding of what it means to put their faith in action.