Alumni Stories

Alumni Stories

Peter Crimmins, Class of 2001
My time at The Christ School was great! I could not have asked for a better place to round out my middle school career. After graduating as a member of the first graduating class of TCS, I attended Boone High School Law Magnet and then graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2009.

At TCS I played both soccer and basketball. My soccer experience continued on to high school where I was a four-year letterman. I was also involved in The Christ School’s chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes which gave me confidence to take on a leadership role as a member of the Boone High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes Board.

I continued to grow in my faith and become a leader in the Christian community which really helped in college. I took with me an unwavering moral foundation because of what I learned at The Christ School. My time at TCS was a blessing. I have great friends and a lot to be thankful for.

Mary Catharine Fleming, Class of 2004
As one of the original 52 students who started at The Christ School in 1996, my entire elementary and middle school experience was at TCS. It was at TCS where I discovered my passion for running as the only girl on The Christ School’s seven member cross country team!

After graduating from TCS in 2004, I moved on to high school where I found that I was more than academically prepared. I ran cross country and track for Boone High School and served as captain of both teams. I graduated from high school with a 4.0 G.P.A. and I was honored to represent my graduating class as the Valedictorian.  After high school graduation, I was given the opportunity to run for the Florida State University women’s cross country and track team. I loved running for FSU. I am very thankful to The Christ School for not only my academic foundation but for also helping me discover my passion for running.

In the fall of 2012 I will enter Vanderbilt School of Law where I will take my academic foundation, athletic confidence, and strong beliefs—all developed from my years at TCS.

Joel Hall, Class of 2004
The teachers at TCS are phenomenal. They taught me personal responsibility and how to stay on track with my time management. At TCS, we had many opportunities for public speaking. We presented speeches to our fellow classmates which helped grow my sense of confidence in communicating my ideas to others. This translated into my academic success in the Boone High School Finance Magnet and the success I am currently experiencing as a Biology major at the University of North Carolina (go Tar Heels!) The academic program at TCS gave me a great foundation and I am extremely thankful to my parents for sending me to TCS.

Angela LaGambina, Class of 2004
I have been meaning to tell you about a neat opportunity I had this past summer! I went on a mission trip to South Africa and remembered the pen pals we received at The Christ School in middle school! Well, after staying in touch through Facebook, I was able to arrange to meet my pen pal! I spent a whole Sunday afternoon with Jamela Mikansi. It was amazing. The whole time I couldn’t believe it was really happening to me! I was so appreciative of the opportunity we had to nurture a pen pal in middle school and can’t believe where that letter writing campaign took me this summer. Just thought I would share this experience with you!

Austin Barrow, Class of 2005
In a day where family is not number one, and people have time only for themselves, TCS proves that there are still those who know what matters most in life, and this was shown to me while I was a student at TCS. My classmates and I were one big family, and the teachers, aides, and parents were part of the family, too. I could look in any direction and would be able to find compassion and guidance from anyone while on TCS campus. Their behavior was also present outside the classrooms, i.e. sporting events that I played in or at off-campus class parties. TCS gave me memories that will last my lifetime and I am very blessed to have those memories.

Aric Barrow, Class of 2007
Moving from The Christ School (TCS) to Lake Highland was very easy. Although the amount of work and difficulty of work increased in high school, I feel like TCS helped me establish a very strong work ethic. The virtues of diligence and responsibility were taught very well at TCS and these lessons, combined with the loving Christian environment I experienced there, have allowed me to be very successful in my high school and college career.

J.B. Woodman, Class of 2009
When I think about my years at The Christ School, I feel very blessed. There are not many schools that better prepare you for life’s challenges—spiritually, academically, socially, and athletically. This is especially clear to me as I begin my senior year at Edgewater High School.

I attended The Christ School for eight years (first through eighth grade) and made life-long friends. During my years there, a foundation was laid as my spiritual growth was nurtured on a regular basis by my parents and by my school. The daily TCS Chapel was a constant that so many kids need and crave when everything else around us keeps changing. Through our “boys’ small group,” a bond was formed as we grew spiritually. I am lucky; several members of my small group attended Edgewater High School with me. We continue to meet on a regular basis, and hold each other accountable, as we go through the many challenges presented in high school. I always know, no matter what, that one of them “has my back.” There aren’t many kids who can say that.

The Christ School prepared me academically. I have successfully completed Honors and AP classes and am a member of the National Honor Society. While attending The Christ School, I played basketball. Through playing sports, I learned the importance of teamwork. The Christ School always emphasized good sportsmanship and the importance of being a good and thoughtful leader and most importantly—attitude. This has been an important part of my accomplishments as quarterback of Edgewater’s varsity football team for the past three years and a member of Edgewater’s varsity baseball team for the past four years. I will carry with me the values I learned at The Christ School as I realize my dream of playing college baseball and look forward to being a member of the Ole Miss baseball team. I am very blessed that my parents made the decision to send me to The Christ School.

The Sims Family, Alumni Family, Class of 2010
After careful and thorough research on some of the top academic and gymnastic programs of the country, Aja has verbally committed to a full-ride scholarship to the University of Alabama! It was a difficult decision as she had wonderful visits and strong interest from UCLA and LSU, as well as frequent contact and open invitations from Georgia, Utah, Stanford, and nine others!What we have learned, and truly appreciated from our time at The Christ School, is that scholastics is a holistic approach to the student: loving, nurturing, safe, and demanding of excellence. That “TCS feel” is exemplified in what we have discovered at “BAMA.” Nonetheless, it was a difficult decision, with the final choice between UCLA and BAMA. Aja is happy with her choice and we know that it all began and the foundation was laid at The Christ School!! We are proud of Aja and thank The Christ School from the bottom of our hearts.

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