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Chapel Elective Develops Leaders

Where can you develop leadership, organization and public speaking skills, learn more about Biblical lessons, discover the many aspects of production, and have fun? The Christ School’s middle school chapel elective class! Seventh grade student, Jennifer, reflects on her experience in the class: “This is an awesome elective where you can learn how much planning goes into an event and develop great skills that you will use your whole life. Before being in this elective, I didn’t know how much work went into planning chapel every day and let me say, it’s a lot! We have so much work to do each week to make sure chapel on Thursdays runs smoothly. We make a slideshow, find a speaker, find songs for middle school to sing, and ask people to do prayers, pledges, and the passage every week!  Last semester, I had so much fun with our teacher, Mrs. Townsend, and my classmates. This semester, Mrs. Hoyer is taking the lead. I am excited to have a new experience with another teacher and have more people join our team. I love this class because it teaches great leadership skills by giving students the responsibility to work with a deadline and solve problems quickly. Last semester, my classmates and I had to deal with situations where we had to solve the problem fast and neatly. I am so thankful for Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Hoyer for teaching me how to be a leader, and I am so thankful for such a wonderful elective.”