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Your Contributions Made a Difference

Thank you to our TCS families for contributing items to the National Junior Honor Society’s Thanksgiving basket drive to provide meals for families in need in our community. The baskets were delivered by Summit Church and Hope Helps, who were delighted to share with us the gratitude of the families who received the baskets:

From the Families:

“This is the first year since my husband left us that we have felt almost okay. I make enough to cover our basic needs, but didn’t think I’d get to make this holiday special. I was overwhelmed when this was offered. My three children and I had the best holiday. We felt normal. I felt like my kids weren’t missing out because I wasn’t enough.” -M.L., single mom of 3

“My husband passed away 2 years ago and I’m from Brazil. I’m always worried about bills and holidays are hard. This basket and the one for my neighbor (another single mom from Brazil), made this holiday happy.” L.D., widow and mom of 2

“Thank you Christ School for this blessing! Me and my grandbabies are so grateful for your gift. We don’t have much, but we’ve got each other, our church, and now you.” P.T. grandmother of 6, whose husband came out of retirement so they could take custody of their grandchildren and stays home with the two youngest.

“I’m lonely at holidays since I don’t have family. It’s hard to be alone. I got to invite my neighbors over and we got to be a family. They helped cook!” L.A., an elderly low-income single gentleman. He lives near many other low-income seniors and a half-way house for those in recovery.

“This was unexpected. It’s not easy for me to accept help. Thank you for offering this. My family needed the help.” J.W. a dad who lost his job early this year and has been taking temp jobs, but is still struggling.

Sent from a local teacher that lives on a very tight budget- “Thank you! Thank you! Christ School, you gave us the chance to really make this holiday special!” (They kept the cards you created at the table and still have them on display in their home for Christmas, too.)