COVID Protocols

Our focus is to mitigate risk while preserving the educational environment for our students. As cases change in our area, and as we live out this plan within our school community, we anticipate the plan will adjust. We commit to stay in close communication with our families as the plan is updated.

Reduce large groups

  • Lunch has been permanently moved to Lee Fellowship Hall.  
  • Internal changes to afternoon carpool procedures have allowed for additional social distancing of students waiting for pickup. 


  • If your child is absent due to COVID, or any other long-term absence, we will provide  school work for your child and help them catch up, as necessary, when they return. Flex (virtual) learning will not be available this year.

Masks are welcomed, but not required**

  • We are a mask friendly environment – we encourage and support everyone who wants to wear a mask: staff, students and families.
  • We will not tolerate students making negative comments to others who choose to wear or not wear masks. 


Q: What do I do if my TCS student is showing signs of illness?
A: If a student or faculty/staff member is showing symptoms of illness, he/she must stay home. Please do not downplay symptoms your child is exhibiting and send them to school. 

Q: What do I do if someone in my household tests positive for Covid-19?
A: If someone in your household tests positive for Covid-19, please keep your TCS student home and contact the office to discuss their return date.

Q: What do I do if my TCS student tests positive for Covid-19? 
A: If a student or faculty/staff member tests positive:

    •  He/she needs to quarantine for 5 days from onset of symptoms or positive test, and wear a mask for 5 days after he/she returns to school. 
    • Families in his/her class (K-2) or grade (3-5), or division (middle school) will be notified directly, as well as other students who have had a class with the student or staff member.

**Q: Is it possible The Christ School could require masks to be mandatory at school? 
A: While The Christ School does not desire to return to a mandatory mask requirement, the school reserves the right to enter into a mask mandatory period if leadership deems it necessary for the safety of our students and staff.

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