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Demonstrating Kindness

First grade students explored this month’s Bible verse with a hands-on demonstration. The verse, Ephesians 4:29 – 32, speaks of showing kindness to others. After reading the verse together, their teacher, Mrs. Schwalk, asked the students to say words and actions that are helpful for “building others up,” as in the verse. With each example, a block was added to a tower, showing how kind words build others up. She then asked them what they thought “unwholesome talk” meant, and they determined that it means unkind words. They discussed how unkind words tear others down, and gave examples of unkind things that people may say or do, for example, saying “I don’t want to be your friend anymore.” With each example, they threw a ball at the tower. It fell with only one hit! They discussed how important kind words are and how destructive even just one unkind word can be. This memorable lesson is sure to remind the students of the power of their words and actions.