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Durable Learning Through Themed Lessons

Our 5th grade classrooms have been transformed into surgical rooms. “Drs. Forbes and DiBiase” have been creating memorable learning experiences through themed lessons this week. All of their activities are helping to reinforce their study of the human body.  Science lessons have included researching diseases and infections, sorting organs into their proper body systems, and investigating patient profiles; identifying which organs have been impacted and predicting the recommendations a doctor may give. Today they collaborated with 7th grade science students to build a model of a lung!  Math lessons have included working with hospital scenarios to calculate mean, median, mode and range, and referencing a hospital supply list to fulfill orders to review the addition and multiplication of decimals. In Language Arts, the students are exploring character traits, commas, and context clues. To deepen their lesson, TCS parents and friends in the medical field visited the classrooms to share their expertise. It’s great to be a TCS Lion!