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FACTS Incidental Expense Overview

FACTS Incidental Expense Overview
All incidental expenses (sports fees, field trips, etc.) will be attributed to the child(ren) in your FACTS account as they are incurred throughout the school year.  When you enrolled with The Christ School, you were required to create a FACTS Payment Plan.  This plan is used for scheduling Tuition and REACH (extended care) payments and is separate from the Incidental Expense portion of FACTS.  Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding incidental expenses.

How will I know if I have an Incidental Expense?
When the business office enters a charge into FACTS, you will get an email from FACTS with the subject line, “ACTION NEEDED: The Christ School Bill Available.”  It is important that you read the expense information carefully to ensure that you understand what charge was added and the date the payment is due.

What do I need to do when I receive a notice of an Incidental Expense?
If you have linked your bank account for Incidental Expenses (called Auto Pay), you do not need to do anything.  However, please pay careful attention to the due date on the email notice, as this is the date of your Auto Pay bank draft.

If you do not have a bank account linked for Auto Pay, you will need to make your payment by the Due Date.  The easiest way to do this is to log in to your FACTS account, and make your payment directly through the web site (via a bank account – credit cards are not an option).  While linking a bank account is not currently required, we encourage you to link an account to save you time and the hassle of mailing or bringing in a check to the school office.

When will Incidental Expenses be drafted via ACH?
If you are enrolled in Auto Pay, the ACH bank draft for incidentals will occur on approximately the 5th of the month following the charge.

How do I Enroll in Auto Pay?
Log in to your FACTS account. From the Home tab, click on “View Details” within the Payment Plan and Billing box.  If a charge has already been added to your account, you will see a row showing that your Incidental Expenses plan is active.  Under the Financial Account column, there should be an option to “Enroll in Auto Pay” for Incidental Expenses.  This will lead you through the steps to link a bank account for all future incidental charges.

Can I pay my balance before the due date?
Yes.  You can simply log in to your FACTS account and click on the green “Make a Payment” button.  This will take you through the process of paying all or part of your current balance with an immediate, one-time payment.

Can I pay online with a Credit Card?
No.  Credit card payments are not an option.

I received a “FACTS Change Notice.” What does that mean?
When any kind of change is made through the business office, it generates an email that simply states that there has been a change to your account.  There are many different reasons that this could occur: applying a payment made by paper check to the school, applying a credit, updating an amount or removing a charge that was added in error, etc.  When you get these emails, please take a few minutes to log in to your FACTS account to ensure that everything looks correct.  As always, please contact the business office if you have questions.

Are there any expenses that will not go through FACTS?
Yes – There are a few fundraising opportunities that occur throughout the year that will require your child to bring in cash or a check.  These include, but may not be limited to:

  • “Cashual” Days
  • Mane Event “Chance to Win” tickets
  • Monday and Friday lunch vendors, once the program is established for 2016-17

For any additional questions, please contact Bill Herlong or Margaret Peebles in the business office.