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Feel Good Fridays

Every Friday afternoon, both fifth grade homerooms gather together for a time of fellowship, reflection, and fun. The weekly tradition of “Feel Good Fridays” has brought the students closer together and is a great way to wrap up the week. The groups kick off this time with the students sharing what has been going on in their own lives that makes them feel good. Fifth grade teacher, Ms. Forbes says, “The comments shared have brought both roars of laughter as well as tears. What has made this sharing time so special is that the children truly have begun to open up and allow themselves to be vulnerable with one another.” During their time together, they have completed STEAM challenges, worked on their STORES project, set grade level goals, participated in ice breakers, learned about and participated in popcorn prayer, and most recently, ventured outside to compete in a photo scavenger hunt. Ms. Forbes continues, “The time spent with each other has been a game changer! The weekly event has allowed the grade to slow down a bit and enjoy the gift of one another’s company and strive to build a stronger community.” Ms. Combs added, “Our fifth grade family looks forward to this time each week with great anticipation. We cherish these moments!”