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Great Christmas Gift Ideas from Compass

Are you looking for fun, yet educational gifts for your young scholar?  Meredith Gibbs, Compass teacher at The Christ School, has some suggestions based on games she uses in class that her students love.  Mrs. Gibbs says, “Fast-thinking games are Spot It and SpeedeeBee, which can be found on They are a great replacement for electronics while waiting for your food at a restaurant.  The students also enjoy Suspend, Old Maid, and Go Fish. Even my middle school students love these games.

“Every single student loves Keva Contraptions.  I bought the 200 piece set and my children (and yours) love it.  It comes with pages of ideas and the options are limitless.  Every Christmas, I try to get Keva’s latest “add on.”  This year, we built the Catapault.  The least expensive place that I have found Keva Contraptions is  Be sure to get the one that has the storage bag!  You can also find challenging mazes for all ages that are colorful and difficult (Maze Craze series and The Ultimate Maze Books are excellent) on

“For older students, I also recommend Creationary, a lego based game that is creative and challenging.  For the younger girls and boys (k-3), you can find fantastic sticker books by Usborne that are fun for a car or plane ride,” says Mrs. Gibbs.