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Great Gift Ideas from Compass

Looking for the perfect gift that is not only fun, but will challenge your child? We’re here to help!  Mrs. Gibbs, TCS Compass teacher, has put together a list of great gift ideas to help make learning fun and exciting!

Shaky Manor – The Tilted Treasure Hunt (this is a 4 player game where each person holds a “Manor” so you could buy 2 if you have a big family). In this game, race to position your Meeple Player and 2 Treasure Chests into the room indicated on the Challenge Card by shaking and tilting your box.  From Blue Orange Games.

Double Ditto – The Game of Quick Thinking and Clever answers. You can play for a few minutes or for hours! (3 players to 10+ players!) It says ages 10 and up but you can probably play with some children who are a little younger. You can find this at

Djubi Sling Ball Junior – Hook it, Launch It, Catch It!  This is an outdoor game and comes with two launchers and two sling balls. Ages 5 and up. From Blue Orange Games (There are also other similar versions for different ages).  2 players.  

CloudsClouds is a matching game that’s perfect to entertain the wildest of imaginations and comes in a cute and easy to “take along” container.  From Blue Orange Games. Ages 4 and up. 1+ players.

Wits and Wagers, Family EditionTake a guess and score points by choosing whose guess is closest. How many sesame seeds are on a Whopper bun?  With easy rules and exciting game play, Wits & Wagers Family will get the whole family/party cheering and laughing together.  Ages 6 and Up, 3+ players, and can be played as individuals or as teams.