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Impactful Disciple

TCS middle school Bible teacher, Josh Smith, has made a big impact on our students and school since his arrival through his enthusiastic love for Christ, joyful spirit and encouraging words. This summer, Josh and his family have decided to return to Cambodia, where they began a journey of love and hope. “My wife, Hillary, two children, and I lived in Cambodia for about 3 years prior to working at TCS,” says Josh. “We wanted to share the Gospel with the unreached people of Cambodia, open a school for the poor, a prostitute prevention center, care for young mothers, and plant a church. We were beginning this work when a family emergency came up, which caused us to return to the US. We feel the Lord calling us to return to the work that He started through us there.” 

While in Cambodia, Josh and Hillary began a ministry, “Our main mission is and always will be to share the Good News of Jesus Christ where His name has not been preached yet. But we also will be planting a church, starting a school, and working with many hurting families, providing employment opportunities and education,” continues Josh. “Although I have always worked to support my family, we feel the Lord calling us to ask the body of Christ for support. We are hoping to receive full support so that we can pursue planting a school in the slum and the ministry of evangelism full time when we return.”

“I love TCS and have enjoyed my time here,” says Josh. “If we were staying in the US, I would love to remain and teach the wonderful students here for many more years. The administration here has been amazing and I have felt fully supported as a teacher. The faculty and staff have been so loving and Christlike. But most of all, the students have been so humble, receptive, and eager to learn Truth! I will greatly miss being at TCS and would love to stay connected with the community for many years.”

Please join us as we pray for Josh and his family as they work to serve people in Cambodia.