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Lions’ Sports News May 5

As our 8th grade students prepare for graduation, our athletes share their reflections on their athletic experiences at The Christ School. Enjoy! 

My athletic experience at TCS is something that I will never forget. The interactions with my friends made sports something I looked forward to and the coaches, especially coach Oz, were amazing. – Jace Bostedo

My cross country coach would always bring popsicles to practice. My coaches helped me a lot with improving my technique. I feel like the exercise helped me stay active. – Zion Braland

While participating in sports at TCS, I have experienced communities of supporting, encouraging, and uplifting people. The coaches provide great advice for sports and living a life for Christ. I have been blessed to participate in competitions with Godly coaches and supportive teammates and will remember these experiences for years to come. – Anna Wells Burden

Athletics at TCS were well organized and being a part of the community of TCS was fun. I enjoyed participating in sports at TCS. – Luke Daly

Throughout my TCS career, athletics has been a major part of my years here. I am so thankful that The Christ school community reaches out to everyone to include them in sports. – Lauren DeOrio

My experience with TCS sports is something that I will never forget. The things that made my experience unforgettable were the amazing coaches and players. I have learned so much about teamwork and friendship through TCS sports, and I am super sad that we all won’t be moving on together. – Sam Dunaway

I enjoyed the experience of being with the 6th and 7th graders to help ease them into middle school and the teamwork with my friends. The coaches were helpful in developing my skills.  – Connor Gullikson

During my TCS athletic experience, I really liked how the coaches were always helping us and would never give up on us. I also liked how each year when I played a sport, it helped bring me closer to my peers. – Ashley Hale

My experience with TCS athletics has been great! In seventh grade, coach K wanted me to do high jumping in track & field and I’ve loved it ever since. TCS made me feel included and encouraged.  – Liv Harrison

My athletic experience at TCS was great! While not exactly easy, it made me ready for high school sports. I was always being pushed to achieve the best that I could. It not only helped me become a better team player but also helped me show how in whatever I do, to glorify God while doing it.  – Benny Hewitt

My athletic experience at The Christ School provided an amazing platform for growth and adventure. Playing sports at TCS not only helped me mature on the court and field, but also off the playing field to become a better leader. – Garland Ingram

The coaches TCS provides are the most loving and supportive. They only want the best for you and truly care for every student they come across.  – Chloe LaTorre

Throughout the athletic teams I have been a part of in middle school, I have had great and memorable experiences. – Finley Miller

I liked participating in TCS sports. Even though I only did track in the years I’ve been here, I enjoyed the experience. – Sam Parks

Participating in sports at TCS was a lot of fun. I enjoyed playing with my friends in kindergarten – 8th grade and getting better and better throughout the years.  – Miller Phillips

Doing sports at TCS has brought me a lot closer to my teammates. I did soccer in 6th grade and it was a very memorable experience because we all looked up to the 8th graders on the team and formed a very strong team bond. I learned a lot from the older girls on the team and have very good memories of us all working together to win almost every game.  – Reagan Ravenscroft

My athletic experience at TCS has been a big part of my life. I am so grateful to be a part of such an inclusive and great athletic program. All of my favorite memories from TCS are from my experience playing TCS sports. – Emma Stallard

Thanks to TCS, I found the game of basketball and I immediately learned how fun it is to be a student athlete in my community. I truly learned what it means to be a part of my school athletically, and I am very thankful for TCS athletics.  – Dalton Stewart

The track meets this year were fun because we all got to cheer each other on. I loved encouraging my teammates on the relays and receiving the first place award.  – Owen Taulbee

While partaking in The Christ School athletics program, I was taught important volleyball skills, but also lessons in teamwork and good sportsmanship. The Christ School sports program created a bond between each volleyball team member that helped us care for and love one another. Coach Carter, Coach Wiborg, and Coach Oz also taught everyone important life skills and always cared for their athletes.  – Jennifer Vais

While being part of TCS athletics, you get to grow in relationships with your peers while keeping yourself healthy. I have a plethora of memories from my years at TCS of playing on the soccer team, track, volleyball, etc. and I know that I would not be who I am today if I did not participate in those sports.  – Katherine van Gelder

Playing sports at TCS taught me teamwork. In basketball, I learned to play for the team and not just for myself.  – Nickolas Vasquez

I can remember nervously walking into my very first cross country practice in 6th grade, almost three years ago. Now in eighth grade as the last two seasons girls’ captain, I got to see the immense amount of growth I have obtained thanks to everyone, especially Coach Townsend! I think we have all grown so much together! – Layla Webb

My athletic experience at TCS has brought me not only athleticism, but also fun and countless memories. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of multiple teams here and I will miss the positive, uplifting community. – Lexie Winrow