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One Great Day of Service

One Great Day of Service takes place on Friday, October 24, 2014.  It is a day in which all of The Christ School’s students, teachers, and staff members, along with parent volunteers, spend the day volunteering at a variety of locations in the Central Florida community.  The Christ School believes that a day of service at all grade levels provides a unique opportunity to learn the Biblical value of serving others.  Additionally, participants experience the joy of showing compassion and giving our gifts and talents to those who can benefit from them.

Each grade will assist with age-specific activities at various community service facilities including city parks, senior centers, and non-profit community organizations, with the goal of making a difference to those in our local community. In addition to providing much needed volunteer services, The Christ School’s students enhance their own educational experience by learning more about the community in which they live.

“The lessons learned through service have a lasting impact,” says Jason Powell, Ed. D., Head of School.  “Participants learn to look beyond themselves and focus on the needs of others.  This experience brings joy to their hearts; it helps them to connect with their community and see a bigger picture, enhancing their leadership skills.  Service is powerful.  After years of participating in One Great Day of Service, I see over and over again students who are eager to return to serve again at their designated venue.”

This year, students and volunteers from The Christ School will serve at the following locations on One Great Day of Service:

  • First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, cleaning and preparing gift bags for the maintenance workers on campus
  • Green Up Orlando, planting flowers and weeding Azalea Park
  • Orlando Health and Rehab, visiting with patients, planting flowers, and making crafts with the residents
  • Society of St. Andrews, gleaning the fields of corn
  • Clean the World, assembling soap kits
  • Matthew’s Hope, gardening and doing other projects inside
  • Children of the Nations, assembling care packages
  • Canine Companions, cleaning, light gardening, maintenance
  • Harvest Time International
  • Equine Angels, cleaning and helping to maintain the facility