Photos of the Week: Second Grade Native American Feast

Lee Fellowship Hall was a festive display of Native American culture and harvest last Wednesday as TCS second grade students celebrated the 16th annual second grade Native American feast. The event began with students singing and dancing two traditional Native American songs and dances learned in music. Student dioramas were displayed along with Native American pottery created in art class.

Students shucked corn and snapped beans, they made teepees–as table centerpieces, not dwellings–and created their own vests and headdresses to prepare for their celebration.

Parents made the learning celebration even more festive by hosting pie baking nights in their homes and at school. The cooking continued on feast day as students left the classroom with parent volunteers to help make wild rice and Indian Fry Bread to enjoy together at lunch. Then, following a traditional Native American prayer, a buffet lunch was open to enjoy.

This event is a celebration of learning and community. “A group of energetic founding mothers wanted a feast 16 years ago,” shares Pam Leadbitter. “We’ve been tweaking the event ever since. Now it is an integrated study that incorporates all learning styles into our study of the first Americans.”

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