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Shapes and Puzzles

Lower school STEAM students are expanding their minds through puzzles and brain teasers. TK – first grade students have been learning how shapes can fit together and how different shapes can be put together in different ways to form pictures. They worked with Tangram puzzles on the STEAM Lab Viewboard, which has been mounted on sliding rails so the screen can be adjusted to different heights. Second through fifth grade students have been solving brain teasers. Using “How Many Squares” and “How Many Triangles” brainteasers, Mrs. Liu helped students discover that often there is more to a picture than what they first see, and when they take their time to look, they will be able to see things in different ways. This exercise helps them to think about alternatives and helps develop creativity and flexibility in thinking. Here is a brain teaser for you! How many squares do you see? Scroll down to find the answer.





(The answer to the squares brain teaser is 40!)

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