Christian Formation

The Christ School vision for spiritual development is that there is an explicit and systematic plan to foster students’ authentic development of a Biblical Worldview through which they will make meaning of their life and the world in which they live. This means that each student will develop a Biblically based understanding of who God is, the purposes of God creating man, man’s relationship to God, the atoning work of Jesus Christ, the presence and work of the Holy Spirit and the purpose of living a life seeking to glorify God through participating in His active work on earth.

Specifics include:
  • • Engaging, daily chapel school-wide which is representative of the ongoing commitment to focus our hearts and minds on Christ.
  • • Embedding the word of God in the hearts of students through an intentional and systematic approach to scripture memorization.
  • • An age appropriate understanding of apologetics that prepares students to thoughtfully defend their faith and compare their beliefs to other world views encountered in high school and beyond.
  • • Understanding the meta-narrative of the Bible: Creation, Fall, Redemption and Consummation.
  • • Curriculum resources that tie together the work toward this goal and equip teachers to be prepared to guide their students and thus provide the school with a standardized approach that extends beyond individual teacher preferences and is sustainable over time and personnel changes.
  • • Study of Biblical passages and stories that support a comprehensive 9 year approach rather than repeating favorite Bible stories in each grade or being dependent on individual teacher style or preferences. Again, an explicit and systematic plan.
  • • Approaching Bible instruction as an academic class more so than a small group study, accountability group or daily devotional time.
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