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Student Support Spotlight, by Alissa Plaisance

As you have seen and heard, TCS students are experiencing more exciting programs and activities than ever. All students will benefit from new classes like our STEAM class. Some students will be taking part in different aspects of our Student Support Center or the Math Acceleration Program. Whether your child is involved in one of these or not, they will likely notice more movement of students around campus than in previous years. This is a great thing to notice! Students are getting what they need, based on how God uniquely and wonderfully made them. If children are curious about why classmates may be coming or going, I encourage you to normalize the idea that TCS is a school that desires all students to succeed- and that looks different for everyone. What does that mean for you as parents? It is so important that you partner with us in helping your children understand that every child has different abilities, and every child has challenges. Some challenges may be more visible than others. We need to model to our children the grace that God gives to us. Join me in praying for The Christ School community this year as we continue to provide an excellent Christ-centered education to all students who walk through our doors.