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Talking to Strangers

TCS 8th grade students recently discovered that sometimes its okay to talk to strangers. The students conducted Man-on-the-Street interviews with individuals they encountered downtown. Four civics questions were posed. This activity was a review of Social Studies content the students learned earlier in the year, as well as a unique way to sharpen their social skills and engage in our downtown community.

The questions and percentage of correct answers are listed below. As for the answers, you’ll have to ask a TCS 8th grade student.

1.   After the President and Vice-President who is next in the line of succession? In other words, if the President and Vice-President were to die at the same time, who would become president?   42% correct

2.   Who is the current Speaker of the House?   44% correct

3.    According to the Constitution, who has the power to declare war?     42% correct

4.     Name Florida’s two U.S. Senators.  41% correct