The Value of Games

Why play games in school?  Games help students develop essential skills such as critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, reasoning, and to value the importance of teamwork. To kick off this school year, TCS Compass students began to explore several of the games they would play in class. They learned how the games are set up, the rules of play, how to transition, and how to problem solve. Last week, students shifted between 2 or 3 game stations in the Compass classroom including several strategy and visual discrimination games that are new to the Compass curriculum. “We are pleased to continue to offer this distinctive class where playing challenging games allows us to address the most difficult content in a light and engaging way.  I truly love to hear students encouraging each other through the hardest parts and celebrating the smallest victories.  Compass is a place to try something new and experience success and failure in a safe environment.  Be on the lookout for my Christmas Gift Recommendations for our LIONS!” says Mrs. Gibbs, TCS Compass teacher.
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