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We’ve Got “PRIDE” on our Side!

We’ve got “PRIDE” on our side!

The Leadership417 8th grade wheel benefitted from the spiritual wisdom of Orlando Pride player, Leah Fortune. Leah spoke eloquently to the girls about how they can use their faith to grow as leaders. She shared that when playing for the Brazilian World Cup Soccer team, the competition and stress of communicating in Portuguese rather than English, led to sleepless nights. Leah turned to the Bible as a sleeping aid. After reading the New Testament in ten days, she entered a personal relationship with Jesus. Leah encouraged the girls to live a life of integrity, trustworthiness and consideration. As she impressed upon them that God’s character does not change, she encouraged the girls to not compromise their character as they enter high school. The girls had many take-aways from Leah’s visit including “when you know who you are, you are better able to serve others” and the much needed reminder that they cannot develop relationships with a phone in their hand.