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TCS Dad Inspires Students

Sixth grade Earth Science students have been learning all about the water cycle, water erosion and deposition, and the many lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans we have here in Florida. They enjoyed a presentation on the Florida aquifer by Florida native and TCS dad Cameron Gordon, who explained the various layers of the aquifer, how the aquifer serves most of our freshwater here in Florida, and the importance of the Florida aquifer to Florida and the southeast region of the United States. The students will finish the unit with a research project on a Florida water body of their choosing and will incorporate how the Florida aquifer helps sustain that body of water.

Mr. Gordon, who is the operator of Mosquito County Enterprises, LLC,  also stopped by the middle school elective BOSS Club to speak to students about how to work towards their entrepreneurship dreams. He explained his journey of how he got to where he is today with his small business, including how his faith led him the entire way. Operating a small business is hard work, but rewarding when you follow your passions!