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Head of School Welcome

Head of School Welcome

Each school has certain qualities and beliefs which determine who they are and how they educate their students. Here at The Christ School you will find the characteristics that define who we are.

We Love God

First and foremost, The Christ School loves God. God and His Son, our Savior, are at the core of everything we do. From our daily chapel, to the integration of the Bible and a Biblical worldview in all of our classes. From how we pray for our students and families, to our staff’s personal spiritual walks, we are a Jesus Christ school. Everything we do points to Him.

We Love Others

The Christ School is defined by the way we love others. This love can be seen in the way we interact with our staff, students and families. This love can be seen by how we serve each other and our community. We don’t go through life focused on how we can make our lives better, but instead we focus on how we can make others’ lives better. We show grace and we don’t avoid the hard conversations or ignore the hurt and pain of others. We rally around each other during times of great need and we show love through small meaningful interactions with each other every day. The spiritual fruit or evidence of our love is everywhere because we do not love with words or with speech, but with actions and in truth.

We Are Family Friendly

The Christ School focuses on what is best for our families. We thoughtfully approach every decision considering first how we can best serve our students and families.

We Exude Joy

The Christ School is filled with a contagious joy. Our staff considers it a privilege to work here. It is a blessing from God that we get to spend our time helping children develop into great learners and become the men and women God created them to be. This joy is seen every day through interactions in our classrooms, offices and hallways.

We Are Constantly Improving

The Christ School is actively seeking and experimenting with ways to make our school better. In every classroom and office, around every event and program we are constantly reflecting and willing to take risks to make things better.

We Develop Great Learners

The Christ School is dedicated to providing the best education for the next generation. We are committed to not only improving the way we help students acquire knowledge but we also focus on the skills we help them develop. We intentionally incorporate the 4Cs of education into every classroom and program – critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creative problem solving.  Specific attention is also given to tap into a student’s natural curiosity as teachers spend less time giving answers and more time developing problems. We believe this approach to education will lead to more durable learning and help students embrace a growth mindset and desirable difficulties. As a result, our students develop greater levels of perseverance and see failure not as something which defines them, but as a key step on the path to success.

We invite you to come and tour The Christ School. Explore our campus and classrooms, and experience how these six characteristics define who we are as a school and as a community. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your family.

Aaron Farrant, Ed.D.
Head of School