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Student Support

So in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts according to the grace given to us. -Romans 12:5-6

The Christ School seeks to provide all students an opportunity to reach their highest potential. The Christ School Student Support Center faculty partners with families when the student has an academic need that requires accommodations and support. Our reading teachers are trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach which is a structured, multi-sensory way to teach reading. This approach helps all learners, especially struggling readers or children with dyslexia. We recognize that at times there may be the need for extra classroom support for students. The Christ School Student Support Specialist teams with teachers and parents to observe and identify strategies for learning and provide support for social emotional success for children. At times, outside evaluation by a licensed educational or neuropsychologist is requested to understand how a student is functioning in the domains of intelligence, achievement, social, or emotional development.

A student may receive accommodations at The Christ School to assist with equal access to learning if a documented challenge is present. A medical or psychoeducational evaluation is required for accommodations to be implemented and must be provided before a confidential Student Academic Plan can be written and implemented. Students who receive accommodations in the classroom are offered similar accommodations during yearly standardized testing. The Christ School is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to address the needs of students with learning differences. We do not offer a separate educational track for students with significant learning or behavioral differences whose needs are beyond our resources.

Upon application of admission to The Christ School, prospective families are asked to share with the Director of Admission any documentation regarding previous learning and/or social emotional support or testing that has been conducted. If a student is already enrolled at The Christ School, families should share testing or identified concerns with the Director of The Bridge and Student Support in order to support the partnership between family and school.

Support Options

Within the Student Support Center, there are different types of support available for students who meet the aforementioned criteria. Academic Support and Enrichment options are fee-based, which include small group sessions with the Student Support Teacher individualized to the student’s needs.

Classroom Support

  • Designed for students who have been diagnosed with specific learning or attention needs who can be supported in the general classroom
  • Initial review of  psycho-educational report and academic consultation with the Director of The Bridge and Student Support
  • Classroom observations
  • Consultations for resources regarding speech/language therapy and occupational therapy as needed
  • Creation of a Student Academic Plan (SAP) listing meaningful classroom accommodations

Academic Support

  • Classroom supports included
  • Designed for students who have been diagnosed with specific learning or attention needs who need additional support outside the general classroom.
  • Students receive small group instruction two or three times a week to support classroom instruction.
  • Students are designated a Student Support Teacher to provide academic monitoring and communication between the teacher and parents to ensure strategies and accommodations are in place when the student is in the general classroom.
  • The Student Support Teacher will be available for scheduled Fall and Spring and parent conferences to collaborate and discuss progress with the general classroom teacher and parents.
  • Explicitly taught self-advocacy skills and provided opportunities to practice those skills in an encouraging environment.

2023-2024 Academic Support Fee: $3,500

TCS Enrichment Program

The enrichment program is designed for students identified as gifted or academically talented who benefit from additional challenge beyond the classroom instruction. Participation in the program is determined by using multiple measures of general intellectual ability, aptitude/achievement scores on standardized assessments, as well as grade history and teacher recommendation. Students documented as “gifted” by an educational evaluation automatically qualify for the enrichment program. All students in grades 2-5 are considered for the program each year.

Enrichment classes are a full day once a week. Students have an opportunity to explore their interests and passions through thematic units and project-based learning. Projects span across all subject areas, from history to science to math to literature. The class will utilize a variety of teaching methods such as collaborative group work, visiting experts, hands-on learning, and games fueled by student interests.

For questions or more information on any of the Student Support Center features, contact Alissa Plaisance.

2023-2024 Enrichment Program: $950