Individualized Support for Student Learning

The Christ School seeks to provide all students an opportunity to reach their highest potential. We recognize that at times there may be the need for extra classroom support for students with identified learning needs.  The Christ School Student Support Specialist teams with teachers and parents to observe and identify strategies for learning and support for social emotional success for children. At times, outside evaluation by a licensed educational or neuropsychologist is requested to understand how a student is functioning in the domains of intelligence, achievement, social, or emotional development.

A student may receive accommodations at The Christ School to assist with equal access to learning if a documented challenge is present. A medical or psychoeducational evaluation is required for accommodations to be implemented and must be provided before a confidential Student Academic Plan can be written and implemented. Educational evaluations must be current within the last three years. Students who receive accommodations in the classroom are offered the same accommodations during yearly standardized testing. The Christ School is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to address the needs of students with disabilities. We do not offer a separate educational track for students with significant learning disabilities whose needs are beyond our resources.

Upon application of admission to The Christ School, prospective families are asked to share with the Director of Admission any documentation regarding previous learning and/or social emotional support or testing that has been conducted. If a student is already enrolled at The Christ School, families should share testing or identified concerns with the Student Support Specialist in order to support the partnership between family and school.

Intervention therapies may be needed to support student learning. The Student Support Specialist coordinates with independently contracted Speech and Language, Occupational, Cognitive or Behavioral Therapists to meet the unique needs of students. We seek to have a strong collaboration with the therapists and learning specialists to help our students experience success with The Christ School curriculum.

Program Support

COMPASS Learning Strategies is a fee-based support service for students identified with learning needs that would benefit from specialized instructional techniques. The evaluation and creation of the Student Academic Plan will serve as a basis for determining service options.

Qualifying students receive individual and/or small group instruction for practice and reinforcement of strategies and skills needed for success in the classroom. This includes: development of a Student Academic Plan, self-advocacy skills, support of varied learning styles, collaboration with classroom teachers and coordination of parent-teacher-therapist conferencing. Attendance in the COMPASS Learning Strategies program is customized based on the current schedule of the student. Meeting time may be adjusted by the Academic Office or Compass Instructor based on school schedule or the student’s needs.


For additional information contact Alissa Plaisance.