Congratulations! You have found the premier kindergarten through 8th grade experience in Central Florida. We would love for you to be a part of The Christ School community that values academic excellence with faith integration. Here is a quick snapshot of who we are.


Our Board of Trustees is focused on one school and one community.


Our families come from various¬†backgrounds, mirroring the diversity in God’s interdenominational kingdom.¬† Our diverse Christian faculty teach from a common Biblical worldview that is threaded throughout their instruction.

K – 8

Academically, we provide a continuous and intentional development of subject matter across the nine grades of k – 8.

Equipped Christian Leaders

We provide a platform from which to respond to the world’s challenges with positive leadership.

Rigorous academics

We prepare our graduates for any specialized high school program, public or private and encourage students and faculty to delve deeper, further explore and understand immensely more.

Exceptional faculty

Our teachers are lifelong learners who thrive in the classroom and are equipped to challenge each student where they are; professional development is a priority.

Downtown campus

Our location extends our learning environment into city businesses, government, arts, sports and service organizations.

Click to view a map of our campus.