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View one parent’s reason for choosing The Christ School.

It is that time of year when you are considering school options.  Whether your child is entering kindergarten or middle school, your decision is the same.  You want a school where your child is embraced and encouraged, where parental involvement is more than emails, it’s a partnership, and where a Christian education means being stretched academically and growing spiritually.

If this is what you are seeking, then consider The Christ School. With comfortable class sizes, spaces are limited so we invite you today to take a tour and see for yourself why our 8th grade graduates enter high school enrolling in honors, AP or IB classes and emerge as leaders in all

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  • The Effects of Advertising

    Mrs. Sheldon’s 7th grade students are learning how messages in the advertising they see every day can affect their lives. After watching the movie, The...

  • Sharing Her Faith

    Terra Townsend has enjoyed the opportunity to serve in different roles at The Christ School, making a difference in each one.  Currently, she serves...

  • New Experiences Every Day!

    When you step into Alexandra Savage’s kindergarten classroom, you quickly notice the bright colors and fun characters of Dr. Seuss adorning every part of...

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