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9 Reasons for 9

9 Reasons for 9

Why choose a school that teaches kindergarten through eighth grade?

  • 1. Continuity in the school environment during the most formative years fosters a sense of safety and security through adolescence.
  • 2. Long term relationships with friends and faculty developed from K – 8 is priceless.
  • 3. Curriculum alignment for K-8 ensures a consistent academic product.
  • 4. Middle school students have more opportunities to be leaders without being overshadowed by high school athletics, arts and academics. They can participate in student government, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Junior Honor Society, serve as ambassadors, and find their niche.
  • 5. By high school, students are ready for change. They crave a new environment and want to be involved in the decision of where to go to high school.
  • 6. The spiritual foundation has been laid, and students are ready to go out into the bigger community and shine as examples, make good choices, and lead with confidence in all areas because of the foundation established during their K – 8 years
  • 7. The K – 8 model allows for safe, age appropriate facilities and activities so that students can have developmentally appropriate experiences.
  • 8. Many sports opportunities are available in K – 8 grades, which allows students to explore and discover gifts and passions.
  • 9. As students enter middle school, their sense of comfort during a tumultuous time brings heightened confidence and self esteem, both of which are essential to the healthy growth and development of a child.