The Christ School REACH After Care Program

Recreation • Enrichment • Academics • Character • Health

The Christ School believes that opportunities for recreation, enrichment, academic support, character development, and health should be in REACH of every child. REACH, The Christ School’s after care program, provides a secure, loving environment that encourages students to grow in each area.

REACH offers students the opportunity to learn through free-time play, organized games and team-building activities. Students have the opportunity to grow friendships across grade levels, learn how to be a member of a community, and love others as Christ loves us.

The REACH schedule allows students the freedom to engage in a variety of activities as they explore their God-given gifts and talents. These include art, drama, technology and more.

The REACH Team provides academic support through homework assistance. A daily, age appropriate block of time dedicated to homework encourages students to be proactive with their assignments. Our parents value the extra family time at home in the evenings.

Every student should be inspired by a role model. The REACH Team is made up of positive leaders including TCS parents and alumni who encourage character building and spiritual growth. Students discover important lessons on winning and losing, sharing and treating each other in a Christ-like manner.

The REACH team values emotional, spiritual, and physical health. The REACH Team partners with classroom teachers and families to support healthy living through exercise and nutrition and help students grow in their relationships with their Heavenly Father through devotion and prayer.

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