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Success after TCS

Success after TCS

TCS graduates enter into public and private high schools equipped to succeed in academics, lead on the athletic fields, in service and leadership organizations. Our students have grown in knowledge, confidence and maturity as The Christ School community has supported, encouraged and celebrated them throughout their years at TCS.

TCS graduates shine as successful leaders at institutions of higher learning including Berry College, Clemson University, Embry Riddle University, Florida State University, Georgia Southern University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Rollins College, Savannah College of Art and Design, the United States Naval Academy, University of Alabama, University of Central Florida, University of Florida, University of North Carolina, Vanderbilt University, Wake Forest University and Yale University.

What Our Former Students Have To Say

 “It is no accident that 7 of the 17 Valedictorians at my high school this year are TCS graduates. Looking back, I am amazed at how well I was academically equipped for high school. Most notable was how TCS developed my public speaking and critical thinking skills with projects like giving a long speech to classmates or discussing and analyzing our Christian faith from a logical perspective. In addition to being prepared to face the challenging academics of high school, TCS taught me that I am surrounded by a community who loves me with Christ’s love and wants me to succeed.”

Reid Marlett, TCS class of 2014 and Boone High School Valedictorian, 2018
“The Christ School is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Now that my time at TCS has ended, I look back on not only my academic achievements, but my spiritual ones as well. No matter how prepared you think you are, high school is a shock! TCS gave me the friends and the foundation to excel in all aspects of high school. While some days are amazing and some not so much, TCS taught me that God put me in that place for a reason. TCS is not only a school; it’s a family.”
Logan Kimble, Class of 2015

“The Christ School has built a foundation for my life. As a 2006 graduate of TCS, I have grown to appreciate the successes and experiences that my elementary and middle school alma mater afforded me. I’ve come to appreciate the many relationships I have built during my time as a student of TCS and I have followed and celebrated the successes of my former classmates ever since. Indeed, the opportunities that I received at TCS allowed me do more, learn more and be more. I was equipped with a rock-solid foundation anchored in service to The Lord, held together by my friends, family and teachers well-fit for the construction of my future upon it.”

Logan Opsahl, Class of 2006
“When I think about my years as a student at The Christ School, I feel very blessed. There are not many schools you can go to that better prepare you for life’s challenges – spiritually, academically, socially and athletically. This is especially clear to me as I begin my senior year at Edgewater High School. I attended The Christ School for 8-years (first through 8th grade) and made life-long friends. During my years there, a foundation was laid as my spiritual growth was nurtured on a regular basis by my parents and by my school. The daily Chapel was a constant that so many kids need and crave when everything else around you keeps changing. Through our “boys small group” lunches, a bond was formed as we grew spiritually.

I am lucky; several members of my small group attend EHS with me. We still continue to meet on a regular basis and hold each other accountable as we go through the many challenges presented in high school. I always know, no matter what, that one of them “has my back.” There aren’t many kids who can say that. The Christ School prepared me academically as I have successfully completed Honors and AP Classes at EHS and am a member of the National Honor Society.

While attending The Christ School, I played basketball and was a member of one of their first baseball teams. Through playing sports, I learned how important it is to work as a team on many different levels. The Christ School always emphasized good sportsmanship and the importance of being a good and thoughtful leader and most importantly—attitude. This has been an important part of my athletic accomplishments as Quarterback of Edgewater’s Varsity football team for the past three years and a member of Edgewater’s Varsity baseball team for the past four years.

I will always carry with me the values I learned at The Christ School as I realize my dream of playing College baseball and look forward to being a member of the Ole Miss Baseball Team. I am very blessed that my parents made the decision to send me to The Christ School.”
JB Woodman Class of 2009
“In a day where family is not number one, and people only have time for themselves, TCS proves that there are still those who know what matters most in life, and this was shown to me while I was a student. My classmates and I were one big family, and the teachers, aides, and parents were part of the family too. I could look in any direction and would be able to find compassion and guidance from any one while on The Christ School campus. This behavior was also present outside the classrooms, i.e. sporting events that I played in or off campus parties that my class had. TCS left me memories that will last my lifetime and I am very blessed to have those memories.”
Austin Barrow, Class of 2005
“Moving from The Christ School to Lake Highland was very easy. Although the amount of work and difficulty of work increased in high school, I feel like The Christ School helped me establish a very strong work ethic for myself. The virtues of diligence and responsibility were taught very well at The Christ School and these lessons, combined with the loving Christian environment I experienced at The Christ School, have allowed me to be very successful in my high school career.”
Aric Barrow, Class of 2007