After School Academies

The Christ School’s Academy Classes introduce children to hands-on, interactive and engaging extra-curricular classes that target their area of interest, or areas they might like to explore. Exceptional instructors bring the classes to life as they deepen their students’ passion, curiosity and knowledge!

TCS Academy classes are offered in two sessions: fall and winter/spring.  Classes are held weekly and sessions run from six to ten weeks.

Offerings have included interesting and diverse topics such as: GRIT, Drama, Violin, Martial Arts, Hip Hop Dancing, Chess, Musical Theater, Fashion Design, Robotics, Art, Etiquette, Pottery, Cheerleading, Video Game Design, Spinning, Yoga and Mindfulness, Crafting, Escape Room Builders, Spanish Immersion, Tech Girls, Fun with Food, and more!

106 East Church Street
Orlando, FL 32801

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