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Technology in the classroom at The Christ School

The Christ School is committed to preparing our students to be 21st century learners and equipping our teachers with effective tools to support each student’s unique ways of learning. Students are provided with developmentally appropriate tools – both hardware and software – to assist in their learning.

Lower school classrooms are equipped with individual computer stations and iPad carts for differentiated learning and enrichment throughout the school day. Third – fifth grade students are one-on-one with a personal device. Our technology specialist collaborates with classroom teachers as they develop lessons; whenever iPads, ChromeOS computers, SMART Boards, Android tablets, document cameras, and other digital tools can help to extend students’ learning our goal is to use them well.
Middle school students each receive a Chromebook to carry to each class and to use at home. Chromebooks are lightweight, Web-based laptop computers. Many of our curricular resources are available online and they grow every year. Students write much of their classwork using Google Docs, which allows them to collaborate in real time during the school day and afterward at home, and to share both questions and finished work with their teachers. This allows teachers and students to interact much more than via traditional paper documents.