Lower School Distinctives

Special Area Classes


Every student in grades TK-5 attend weekly art classes where they explore the elements and principles of Art. Students are provided the opportunity to engage in hands-on experiences with different mediums and techniques. Students are also introduced to Art History and encouraged to appreciate the varied talents and styles of well-known artists. Individual student art is on display on campus throughout the year, at local venues such as The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, and in the lobby of local downtown buildings.


Our lower school students attend weekly music classes that provide them the opportunity to develop skills in the basic fundamentals of music, as well as explore instruments, music history, and famous musicians. Our music class instruction extends into the performing arts where our students enjoy demonstrating their skills and talents with participation in the annual Christmas Program and Grandparents Day. Fourth and fifth grade students may join the lower school choir, Lion’s Song. The Lion’s Song Choir is often asked to perform during all school chapel and other all school events, as well as entertaining for groups off campus.


Compass is a weekly special area class where students explore and experience the art of critical thinking and creative problem solving . Students are engaged in a variety of critical thinking problems, puzzles, spontaneous exercises, and creative arts activities designed to strengthen mental skills necessary for making decisions about everything in our lives; most importantly decisions regarding finding the Truth, reasoning, and weighing the evidence. As students are encouraged to take risks, think objectively, and arrive at conclusions based on logic and fact, “excellence in thought” is being systematically cultivated.


The Christ School Media Center provides a comfortable and stimulating environment where students learn to read for pleasure, read for information, and develop the literacy skills that prepare them to be leaders and life-long learners. The school librarian and media specialist assists students and teachers in becoming independent, effective researchers of information, and teaches the skills necessary to strengthen and support every area of the curriculum. Our lower school students attend a library class each week with their classmates, and they are encouraged to access our library and resources on a regular basis throughout the school year.

Physical Education

Our lower school students attend PE classes 2-3 times per week. Our desire is to teach students the skills necessary to develop a lifetime of physical activity, wellness and fitness. We seek to use the teaching of sports, wellness, and movement concepts to complete the total education process. It is our goal that Physical Education will be viewed equally as important as all other subject matter. We believe physical education and wellness education enables us to keep our bodies in good condition so that we can glorify God in all we do (I Corinthians 10:31). Our PE teachers desire to help each student develop Christ-like attitudes and actions by having the opportunities to interact with other students while feeling the emotions of “success” (winning) and “failure” (losing). Also, each student should develop an awareness and appreciation for the human body, which was created by God, in the image of God and for God. In addition to weekly PE classes, all of our students enjoy unstructured outside play time each day.


STEAM components are science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Our lower school students attend a STEAM class each week in our new and innovative STEAM Lab. Under the direction and guidance of the STEAM teacher, our students have the opportunity to build, draw, design, create, think outside the box, collaborate with classmates, and problem-solve. We believe these opportunities will help them see how the content they are learning in other classes can be used in the real world, in a real job. It makes the learning more durable and meaningful for them.

Experiential Learning

All lower grades participate in a variety of field trips and activities that align with their curriculum. This experiential learning broadens our students’ perspective beyond the classroom and deepens their understanding of the content being taught. Examples include:

Primary Grades (TK – 2)

      • exploration of animals and sea life
      • viewing community gardens
      • visiting the produce market
      • attending live theater
      • visits to downtown Orlando community venues

Intermediate Grades (3 – 5)

      • Exploration of statewide exhibits including:
      • St. Augustine
      • Fort Christmas
      • Tallahassee
      • Attending live theater and building an understanding of cultural diversity through visiting Walt Disney's EPCOT Center and visiting the Orlando Museum of Art.

Service Club

Included in The Christ School Mission is a commitment to being others-oriented. The Lower School Service Club was established to help our students experience helping and loving others. The Service Club is open to all students in TK - 5th grade and their families. Participants complete 4 to 6 service projects on-campus during the school year, with optional service projects provided for weekends and holiday breaks. Middle School students are welcome to participate as group leaders or as part of the planning committee.
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