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Community Helpers

TCS first grade students have been learning about community helpers. They explored the different roles people have in our community. To enhance their understanding of how our chosen careers help in different ways, several TCS parents visited the classrooms via Zoom to tell the students about their profession and how they help our community. Afterward, our students each chose a profession to research. They wrote a paper and created a project board to display their findings. Last week, they dressed as someone in their chosen profession and presented their research to classmates and families (via Zoom). 

Thank you to our TCS parents, listed below, for sharing about their professions with our classes!  

Mr. Blakley- Banker
Mr. Rivera – U.S. Army Reserves
Dr. Fawsett- ER Doctor
Mrs. Norman – Pharmacist
Mr. Enz – Darden Restaurants, Purchasing
Mrs. Cordovano – Nurse
Judge McGinnis – Judge
Mr. Mahoney – Civil Engineer
Mr. Mixon – Attorney
Coach Oz and Coach Wiborg – Coaches