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Enriching Lessons

The Christ School is delighted to have Evelyn Salinero leading our Enrichment program this year. “Teaching Enrichment has been awesome!” says Evelyn. “In my class, we enjoy an open forum where students feel free to share and ask as many questions as they desire. We stop and ponder and discuss. They ask the best questions! Sometimes I know the answer, many times I don’t, so we research and keep learning.”

“I’ve been teaching since 2003, mostly upper elementary students in Miami Dade County, as well as in Orange County Public Schools,” says Evelyn. “Growing up with a brother with special needs highlighted for me the love I have for helping others. He is the reason I am a teacher. I knew from a really young age that I wanted to help students with special needs. When we were young, I played teacher and he was my student. In my current classroom, I teach children who thrive on extra challenges. I love to watch my students become confident learners and develop collaboration skills as they work with their peers.”

“I am a true Floridian,” she says. “I love the heat and sunshine 365 days a year! I was raised in Miami. We relocated to Orlando 15 years ago due to my husband’s career and couldn’t be happier with the path our lives have taken.” Evelyn and her husband, Efren, have two boys who are TCS Lions, Efren in 7th grade and Alex in 4th grade. “They are my world and keep me busy!” she smiles. “One of my favorite things to do is sit on the porch and watch them play outside. I also love running, exercising, and gardening. I’ve run a few half marathons and love the thrill of seeing the finish line and setting personal records.” 

Evelyn shares her favorite Bible verse:
The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.  – Timothy 1:5
“This verse is special to me because I learned it from my nephew, Dean,” says Evelyn. “He taught me to love sacrificially and sincerely and to trust in God always, most importantly, when we can’t make sense of things ourselves.”