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Exploring Engineering in Lower School STEAM

Lower school STEAM students have been exploring the engineering process. They have been collaborating with their classmates to plan and design gadgets that have a special purpose or solve a unique problem. Students have been given age-appropriate problems to put their critical thinking skills to the test!  Enjoy more photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages – and be sure to share!

Transitional kindergarten students are building a small home out of popsicle sticks and clay. They will then test the roof under ‘rainy conditions’ to see if they were able to build something in which the inside would keep dry if the outside got wet.

Students in kindergarten and 1st grade have been talking about plants and what plants need to survive. The students are working on a challenge in which they need to design and build a device that can water four plants at one time.

Students in grades 2 and 3 are working on simple machines and are designing and creating a pinball machine out of recyclable materials. The games must have a maze and utilize features of simple machines to play the game.

Students in grades 4 and 5 are designing and building aqueducts. The students were tasked to build an aqueduct that will move water from one spot to the other that includes bends and has a reservoir.

The students n grades 3 – 5 were given a budget and had to be thoughtful as they purchased the right amount of materials to complete their projects.