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Exploring the Electoral College

Seventh grade Civics students have been studying the Electoral College. They first learned about how the system works, analyzing maps and charts to help deepen their understanding. Next, they read opposing articles on the system with one article supporting the system and another arguing to replace it with a national popular vote. Finally, the students were assigned a side to argue and were tasked with finding further textual evidence to support their side. Last week, they participated in a debate where they had to back up their opinions with textual evidence and ask questions of one another. “The students gained so much from the activity,” says their teacher, Mrs. Hoyer. “They learned the value of empathy by perhaps having to defend an opinion different from their own, they learned how to back up and strengthen arguments with facts, and they did a phenomenal job of having a thoughtful and respectful discussion. Ask a 7th grade student how the Electoral College works and the controversy surrounding it because they are now experts!”