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Girlypop by Natalie G.


To Sophie G.

My girlypop, my bestie
I hug you every morning

We worked together in Virginia
Everyday it is nice to see ya

You color code all your outfits
You match your shirt with your bracelets

I love how you make me laugh even when I’m crying
Oh how you soar, the gravity your defying

Looking in your camera every morning, checking on your hair
If people call you ugly, they are surely unaware

Of how beautiful you are, you shine through and through
I can’t believe that I have a girlypop, and that girlypop is you

My Co-House leader, my partner in crime
I love that we are besties in this short amount of time

So thank you for listening to my rhyme
Girlypop, you are the ultimate prime

by Natalie G.