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Love and Guidance

TCS 5th grade teacher Angie Harrison has always been passionate about her important role in the lives of her students. “I have been teaching for 20 years and this is my eighth year at The Christ School,” says Angie. “I love to help my students develop their strengths and gifts and use them to serve others. It is a joy to watch them become leaders in middle school.  I love getting to know the students in the lower grades and anticipate being their teacher!”

“This is my first year in 5th grade teaching Bible, social studies and language arts,” she says. “I have enjoyed focusing on those three subjects. Because we switch classes in 5th grade, I have the opportunity to spend time with all of the students, not just those in my homeroom. It has been a pleasure to get to know all of them. This year, I have especially enjoyed helping the students understand how to develop a growth mindset. I think it is a huge help when they understand that not everything is going to be easy and it’s OK to fail and then keep trying. In 5th grade, we travel to Tallahassee for our class trip. We had a great time last year in Saint Augustine and I am looking forward to traveling to Tallahassee with my students; it is going to be a wonderful learning experience.”

Angie and her husband Eric have three daughters and a grandson. Two of their daughters, Courtney and Emily, graduated from TCS. “The Christ School prepared my girls for high school in so many ways,” says Angie. “They have strong study habits and were extremely well prepared for AP Human Geography as freshmen. They developed strong friendships that continue today as a sophomore and junior in high school.  I am so thankful for the opportunities each of them had in leadership and service as well as the love and guidance from their teachers.”

When not teaching, Angie enjoys riding her bike, going to the beach, and fishing. “One of my passions is reading and discussing books with friends,” she says.  “I am from Indiana and enjoy college basketball. After moving to Florida, I became a huge NFL football fan as well. We cheer for all the Florida teams, Jaguars being first and then Miami Dolphins followed by Tampa. We are super excited about the Jacksonville Jaguars being in the playoffs.”