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Love Others

  • All middle school students are in a small group that meets weekly to discuss topics in their lives. They go beyond surface level relationships and truly know and care for each other.
  • Our lower school students have the option of joining an afterschool service club focused on developing their heart for others and serving our community.
  • Our middle school students are provided opportunities to serve others in our local community as part of their school day.

  • Loving your neighbor comes to life as the entire school body devotes a day to serving others on our campus, in our immediate community, and around the greater Orlando area.
  • The middle school retreat is a time to worship and learn about God, as well as to cultivate lifelong relationships, facilitate team-building, and develop leadership skills in our sixth through eighth grade students.
  • Our parents have a prayer group through the PTF. They pray for our school, our staff, and our families.
  • Through trips in the United States and internationally, our students experience serving others and develop a heart for those in need.