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The Christ School Congratulates 2014 Alumni who are Graduating as 2018 Boone High School Valedictorians

The Christ School Congratulates 2014 Alumni
who are Graduating as 2018 Boone High School Valedictorians

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TCS 2014 Alumni who are 2018 Boone High School Valedictorians: Sydney Haselden, Kara Gentry, Trip McCree, Reid Marlett, Cara Eakins, Cooper McKillop, and Emma Schrago

The Christ School (TCS), an independent, Christ-centered, K – 8 school located in downtown Orlando, congratulates its 2014 alumni who are graduating as 2018 Boone High School Valedictorians: Cara Eakins, Kara Gentry, Sydney Haselden, Reid Marlett, Trip McCree, Cooper McKillop, and Emma Schrago.  Out of the 17 Boone High School 2018 Valedictorians, 7 are TCS alumni.

“The Christ School is delighted to recognize these seven TCS alumni for their academic achievements,” says Dr. Aaron Farrant, Head of School at The Christ School. “These students worked hard to build upon the foundation of academic excellence they received at TCS. I am excited to see them shine as they continue their educational journey.”

“It is no accident that 7 of the 17 Valedictorians at my high school this year are TCS graduates,” says Reid Marlett, TCS class of 2014 and Boone High School Valedictorian, 2018. “Looking back, I am amazed at how well I was academically equipped for high school. Most notable was how TCS developed my public speaking and critical thinking skills with projects like giving a long speech to classmates or discussing and analyzing our Christian faith from a logical perspective. In addition to being prepared to face the challenging academics of high school, TCS taught me that I am surrounded by a community who loves me with Christ’s love and wants me to succeed.”

The Christ School strives to establish a strong foundation in each student through an academically challenging, Christ-centered curriculum infused with service learning, leadership, and public speaking opportunities. These seven alumni exemplify The Christ School’s portrait of a graduate. They are prepared to perform with distinction at the next academic level, are equipped to be life-long learners, are committed to being others-oriented, are confident and articulate in communication, and are devoted to glorifying God.

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About The Christ School

The Christ School partners with families to provide an academically rigorous and Christ-centered K – 8 experience.  TCS students and graduates confidently pursue excellence in scholarship, service and leadership. The Christ School, established in 1996, is an independent school, located in downtown Orlando on the campus of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando. The Christ School is accredited by the Christian Schools of Florida, Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) and Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC).