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What’s the Verdict?

TCS 8th grade Social Studies students participated in a collaborative, multi-age learning experience with 3rd and 6th grade students. The 8th grade students worked in teams to conduct three mock trials. Each team had to prepare questions for the witnesses and understand the statutes involved. Mrs. Roberts’ 3rd grade class served as the jury for a case in which the defendant was on trial for stealing trade secrets. Mrs. Knuth’s 3rd grade class served as the jury for a culpable negligence case. For the third trial, the defendant was charged with human trafficking and Mrs. Townsend’s sixth grade Bible class served as the jury. It was an engaging project-based lesson that explored the steps in a criminal trial and allowed the students to apply prior knowledge on the Bill of Rights. The younger students demonstrated critical thinking in the jury deliberations. All three cases ended in a hung jury!