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3D Art Sculptures

Middle School 3D Art elective students were introduced to the concept of Installation Art, or art which is placed or “installed” into an environment. Students viewed the work of artist Mark Jenkins, who creates many pieces of installation art which he often places around his hometown of Washington D.C. One of the mediums, or sculptural materials, favored by Jenkins is packing tape. Jenkins uses this medium to wrap figures after which the wrapped tape is cut off of the model. The result is a semi-clear packing tape form of the original model. These figures are placed in strange places throughout the city, often leaving onlookers with a sense of wonder or confusion.


3D Art students are using the work of Jenkins as inspiration for their own pieces. Working in pairs, each student will use a classmate as the model for their sculpture. Predetermined poses are held by the model as they are wrapped in tape. These taped sections are then cut off and reassembled to create an entire figure. Keep an eye out around the TCS campus for these interesting pieces of art!


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