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3D Printing Possibilities

We are celebrating Discover Engineering Week in STEAM! Today, Andy Stetzinger from Deltamaker (the maker of our 3D printer) came to our campus for a 3D printing teach-in with our students. He discussed how 3D printing incorporates STEAM subjects including robotics, engineering, math, and art. His presentations inspired the students’ creativity as he explained the many things a 3D printer can do, and showed them some great examples of creations made on the printer. Mr. Stetzinger explained that 3D printing is not just used to create toys, but it can be used to print things such as houses, cars, prosthetics, and even a small aircraft! He told the students about how the Space Station has two 3D printers on board, which are used to make parts they need. His presentation opened their minds to possible careers in STEAM and the endless possibilities of the creations we can make on our 3D printer!

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