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5th Grade Visits the Capitol

Article by Peyton, 5th grade student
On April 16, TCS 5th grade students embarked on a field trip to Tallahassee to learn more about our state’s government. We started our trip on a peaceful boat ride through the waters of Wakulla Springs. We spotted a lot of interesting animals and plants, and we learned about the area’s history. Next, our group went to the Tallahassee Museum. We walked on their boardwalk, which led us around the property to see animal habitats. Then we headed to Big Bend Farm, where our group learned about living on a farm in the 1800’s. We had the opportunity to see, and sometimes pet, the animals living there. The Florida State fans were happy when we took a group picture in front of the Unconquered statue, with Chief Osceola riding the horse Renegade. That evening we went to see a 3-D iMax movie about the lemurs of Madagascar, and then headed to the hotel for some much needed rest. The next day we woke up early to head over to the new and old capitol buildings. We learned about the changes in the buildings and how they bring us to what we have today. We saw the differences in the two buildings and explored the old capitol building in a scavenger hunt. Then, we headed to tour the governor’s mansion. Our guide pointed out certain details like how some of the tableware came from the U.S.S. Florida submarine. We wrapped up our trip by stepping back in time when we visited Mission San Luis. We learned about the Spanish missionaries and Apalachee natives in the area, and we saw their traditional homes. We also learned how to shoot a cannon- don’t worry, we didn’t really shoot it. We were all sad to leave, but we were glad to have had the experience and to have shined the light of Christ unto others.

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