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7th & 8th Grade Science Fair

We are proud of all of our 7th and 8th grade students for the impressive array of projects they designed and completed for the Science Fair. At the fair, the students confidently discussed their projects with parents and students in attendance, and explained their hypotheses, experiments, and conclusions. Congratulations to our winners! Best in show: Alejandra Gonzalez-Acosta with “Which Energy Drink has the most Electrolytes?
Our 8th grade winners are:
1st Kayla Costin: Which Catapult throws the farthest?
2nd Gabi Fatigati: Which temperature of water allows Dry Ice to sublimate the fastest?
3rd: Stephanie Towle: Which footwear allows for the highest high jump?
4th: Marilyn Waldrop: Which wakesurf board size allows for the longest ride?
Our 7th grade winners are:
1st place: Dylan Umpierre: Which Florida grass filters pollutants out of water the best?
2nd place: Caden Kramer: Does chewing gum help reduce bacteria in your mouth?
3rd place: George Clendenin: Which type of hot dog loses the most weight in the mummification process?
4th place: Emma Micciche:  Does color effect taste?


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