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A Great Week for 8th Grade!

TCS 8th grade social studies students enjoyed several valuable experiences last week. Thanks to Judge Greg Tynan, they participated in a mock trial at the Orange County Courthouse. Each student had a role, such as judge, attorney, witness and clerk. There were two juries who heard the same case. Yet, after deliberating in an actual jury room, the juries returned two different verdicts. Following the trial, the students visited the courtroom on the 23rd floor of the courthouse, where major cases are tried.  Later in the week, after months of collaboration and research, ten student teams presented arguments on controversial topics, including sanctuary cities, drilling off the Florida coast and using drones in warfare. A panel of 6 adults posed questions for the teams and offered feedback. The week culminated with the students surveying 166 people in downtown Orlando. The 8th grade students discovered that 15% of those surveyed knew that there are 27 amendments in the Constitution. Less than 50% knew that Congress has the power to declare war. If you can name Mike Pence as Vice-President, then you are with the 65 percent who answered that question correctly.

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