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A Special Calling

TCS third grade teacher Caroline Knuth has had The Christ School in her heart for a long time.  Not only is she a teacher, but she is a TCS alumna! A graduate of The Christ School class of 2003, Caroline went on to Edgewater High School and then earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of North Florida.  “Growing up and going through grade school I admired all of my teachers,” says Caroline. “When I was little I would always play ‘school’ at home with my friends. I have always loved children and wanted to be in a field where I worked with them. After taking many classes in college and getting the hands on experience in classrooms, I knew teaching was my calling.”

After teaching in Orange and Pinellas County schools, Caroline is excited to be teaching at The Christ School this year. “My favorite thing about teaching at TCS is being able to praise Jesus every single day in school, whether it be at chapel or in the classroom,” she says. “The best thing about being part of The Christ School family is just feeling at home. Everyone has been so welcoming and wonderful. I love being able to work with the children. They all have such wonderful personalities and nothing is more gratifying to me than teaching them through God’s word. I truly believe children are the light and future of our world.

“Being back at TCS as a teacher has been such a blessing for me, Caroline continues. “It’s almost like I never left. I have really enjoyed catching up with teachers that were MY teachers when I was in school here. I feel so welcome here and couldn’t feel more at home.”