Bears, Bears Everywhere!

Teddy bears joined in to learn in TCS kindergarten classrooms last week. Bears were found reading books—or listening to them—enjoying snacks and figuring out how to add and subtract. They even learned exactly how tall they are. The bears’ owners, TCS kindergarten students, learned about hibernation routines and about what bears really like to eat, not to mention how to measure while practicing writing and reading skills. On Thursday evening, students left their bears in the classroom when they went home for the day to give their furry friends a little time to bond; it was a bear sleepover.

“This is a great unit,” says Susan Dodgion, Kindergarten Teacher and 44 year teaching veteran. It’s multi-sensory, hands-on learning. That is what kindergarten should be.” We incorporate music, Bible, reading, writing, math and social studies into a unique learning experience.”

Students in Mrs. Lewis’s class were happy to share the event details:

Lucas said, “We brought our bears and they came alive. My bear’s name is Tommy. He was reading a book with two other bears.”

Luke’s bear, Beary, came for the sleepover. “I got him from the hospital a long time ago, before kindergarten.”

Sydney said, “My bear was reading in the library.”

Bella shared, “Carolina is my bear’s name and it is from North Carolina. I brought Carolina to school because he is my favorite bear. Carolina built blocks and I made a paw print for him too.”

According to Layla, her bear, Chocolate, was seen in the art center drawing paw prints. “And they ate a whole box of crackers.”

Zoe brought her bear in for the sleepover. “My bear colored paw prints and read a book, and the last one, oh, I know, he built blocks.”

Hannah’s bear, Erin, was seen eating a snack.

Reed says that his bear, Teddy, slept at school and he listened to music.

Melaina brought her favorite bear Rainbow to the sleepover. “She was at the listening center. She listened to a book called Old Bear and I got to sleep with her yesterday at nap time.”

Enjoy these photos of students in Mrs. Dodgion’s class enjoying Bear Biscuits and bear activities from Mrs. Lewis’s class.

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